Welcome to the Waan Aelõñ in Majel (WAM) Program! Our program is committed to empowering young Marshallese men and women by giving them the skills they need to move forward into a sustainable and happy future. The program is nearly 30 years young and plans to be around for another 30!

What’s new at WAM

  • Lukwej the Wood of Choice for the GEF Program GEF trainees prepare wood for carving projects. Photo: Sealend Laiden

    Its busy times for WAM as the GEF trainees learn valuable skills in advanced carpentry and carving. Their first few weeks in February involved logging large Lukwej trees, and then milling them. This beautiful local wood was cut into slabs and some was seasoned in the salt water right outside Continue reading

  • A New Program for WAM

    Whats happening at WAM these days? A new Apprenticeship Project has begin funded by the Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Program. This new program at WAM will focus on Advanced Carpentry/Furniture Building Skills and Entrepreneurial Training. The program will have a broad and long-reaching impact on the trainees and the community. Continue reading

  • Vocational/Lifeskills Trainee Achievement Commencement Day 2016 NTC Graduates 2016. Photo: J. Bowman

    After many  stormy day’s for weeks the sun came out and shined, as did the Vocational/Lifeskills 2016 Trainee Graduates! There was approximately 120 in attendance made up of family, friends and community leaders to see 14 young men and 4 young women receive their graduation certificates for completing the WAM Continue reading

  • Trainees Experience On the Job Training

    In these last few weeks of our National Training Council Program the trainees had the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in the workforce. Local businesses opened their doors to the trainees giving them the chance to see just what its like to have a job.   Continue reading

  • WAM Retreat WAM trainees and staff bringing provisions ashore. Photo: Alson Kelen

    WAM trainees and staff had a great time at Eneko Island July 22-25th.  They shared responsibilities and the things learned made for a fun weekend. Each day of the retreat began with trainees cleaning up the area before starting the daily activities. Trainees were taught about the importance of keeping Continue reading

Come sailing with WAM!

Join the fun of sailing on a traditional marshallese canoe. Click to learn more and reserve the ride of your life on Majuro lagoon!

Hand-made WAM products

Intricate model canoes of all sizes; elegant but strong coconut graters; historic stick charts … all these and more can be found in the WAM Catalog.
All the products are hand-made by the carpentry instructors and the trainees. All profits go back into the WAM program, making it a win-win situation for you and for WAM.

WAM Visitors Center

Showcasing Marshallese canoes and their history, the Waan Aelon in Majel’s Visitors Center is open during business hours, Monday to Friday. Call us on 625-6123 or stop by our office upstairs in the two-story building next to the A-frame Canoe House.

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  • GEF Trainee of the month

    GEF Trainee Oliber Mack was trainee  of the month for February. His family is from Aelõñlaplap and his wife and son are living with him here in Majuro. He is very happy to be able to increase his knowledge and talents by participating in the GEF program at WAM.  


If you would like to support our work, we welcome donations of any amount, which help us buy tools and material for the trainees.

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