A crew of local artists and students build and paint sets for Guys and Dolls at WAM, February 2015. Photo: Laura Masterson

The Guys, the Dolls, and WAM

Tuesday, March 3, to Saturday, March 7: WAM gets involved in lots of great projects going on around town, including the musical Guys and Dolls, which premiers March 3 at the International Conference Center, Delap. The play is produced under the auspices of the Youth Bridge Global and is directed by Professor Andrew Garrod of Dartmouth College with youth from all around Majuro starring. What parts did WAM play? First, WAM Director Alson Kelen is the traditional translator for the Professor’s annual plays and this year is no exception.  The play will be performed in Marshallese with the musical numbers sung in English. Second, the play’s artists needed a big open space to create the sets, so  Apo Leo, Alexis Bilyard, Rebecca Lathrop and David Fisher, along with many student volunteers, were welcomed to WAM and you can see their efforts on stage from 8pm each evening this week.