New trainees on day one of the NTC sponsored program. Photo: Tolina Toeming

Orientation Day at WAM

A group of new trainees aged 17 to 25 came into WAM shy but within a matter of minutes Director Alson Kelen, with a little bit of movement to music, had them up and dancing and laughing.

The first National Training Council (NTC) sponsored program of 2016 is now underway. During the morning orientation Alson explained what to expect during the 26 week course, which will include classroom instruction and canoe building.

Alson then introduced the WAM team to the students they are:

Counselor – Tolina Toeming
Program Leader – Linton Baso
Trainer – Binton Daniel
Trainer – Sear Helias
Associate Director – Tamie Bowman
Accountant – Kristin De La Torre

Not present was Math and English Instructor Agatha Rollis. Watch this space for updates on the trainees progress.