WAM trainees and staff bringing provisions ashore. Photo: Alson Kelen

WAM Retreat

WAM trainees and staff had a great time at Eneko Island July 22-25th.  They shared responsibilities and the things learned made for a fun weekend.

Each day of the retreat began with trainees cleaning up the area before starting the daily activities. Trainees were taught about the importance of keeping the coral and fish alive.

They also were taught how to source local resources for there lunch and evening meals. In doing so they learned how to make coconut pudding, rice balls, ‘beru’ and different dishes that could be made from breadfruit. The trainees were also introduced to the cultural skills of throw net fishing. They enjoyed learning this skill and were able to use this new skill to catch and serve fish as a part of the evening meals.

The trainees also engaged in fun activities to help them build their decision making and team building skills. They participated in the egg throwing competition; tug – a – war competition; wet dress relay and a volley ball competition.

Here are quotes from the trainees about how they felt about the retreat:

‘Working together makes everything possible’

‘To learn about life’

‘Learn about what’s right and wrong’

‘Strengthen their skills and knowledge’

‘Learn about the culture’

‘Getting to know more of each other’

‘Making the right decision’

‘Learning how to cook traditional food’

‘Respecting each other’

All participants in Eneko Retreat weekend felt it was a huge success!



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