Joe Genz publications

Joe Genz has published the following academic papers on the voyaging project:

  • Genz, Joseph. (2014). Complementarity of Cognitive and Experiential Ways of Knowing the Ocean in Marshallese Navigation. Ethos 42(3):332-351.
  • Genz, Joseph (2011). Navigating the Revival of Voyaging in the Marshall Islands: Predicaments of Preservation and Possibilities of Collaboration. The Contemporary Pacific 23(1):1-34.
  • Genz, Joseph, Jerome Aucan, Mark Merrifield, Ben Finney, Korent Joel and Alson Kelen. (2009). Wave Navigation in the Marshall Islands: Comparing Indigenous and Western Scientific Knowledge of the Ocean. Oceanography 22(2):234-245.
  • Genz, Joseph and Ben Finney. (2006). Preservation and Revitalization of Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Perspective from Cultural Anthropological Research on Indigenous Navigation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Micronesian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences 5(1/2):306-313.