NTC Graduates 2016. Photo: J. Bowman

Vocational/Lifeskills Trainee Achievement Commencement Day 2016

After many  stormy day’s for weeks the sun came out and shined, as did the Vocational/Lifeskills 2016 Trainee Graduates! There was approximately 120 in attendance made up of family, friends and community leaders to see 14 young men and 4 young women receive their graduation certificates for completing the WAM program. The graduating Class of 2016 wore a t-shirt they personnel designed for just this day.

In just 6 months these trainees became more self-confident, improved their decision making, learned how to work together as a team and acquired many vocational skills. On display for family and community to see were the two sailing canoes built by the trainees as well as the many other woodworking crafts they had made. The trainees are provided with a Literacy course and they displayed their achievements in this area by presenting opening  and closing speeches both in English and Marshallese.  We are sure that these skills will help them in their future endeavors whether that be further education or employment.

After certificates of achievement were awarded all enjoyed a good lunch under the tree at the Marshall Islands Resort, and then some fun in the sun with the canoes. We congratulate them on their achievements at present and wish them many more to come in the future.



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