A New Program for WAM

Whats happening at WAM these days?

A new Apprenticeship Project has begin funded by the Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Program. This new program at WAM will focus on Advanced Carpentry/Furniture Building Skills and Entrepreneurial Training.

The program will have a broad and long-reaching impact on the trainees and the community. With the skills acquired in carpentry the trainees will be made aware of the use and availability of locally sourced wood products to create such things as furniture, cabinets, caskets, cultural tools etc. This will reduce the need for such items to be imported. At the same time the trainees will be made aware of the environmental need of replantation of food trees. Training will be provided in such areas as basic business practices and financial planning so that each trainee can be empowered to have the goal of self-employment.

We are excited to be able to provide such training in these areas and can foresee the benefits of such training having a positive effect on the trainees and the community for years to come.


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