Passengers from the Silver Discoverer go for a ride. Photo: Joel Bowman

46 visitors go for a ride

Louis Justin, the expedition leader of the cruise ship Silver Discoverer, said the passengers who took rides on Waan Aelon in Majel canoes Saturday (December 5) told him it was the highlight of their time in Majuro.

WAM had three canoes with captains and crew ready to go when the ship’s passengers arrived at 2pm, according to WAM Associate Director Tamir Bowman. “They were much later than planned,” Tamie said, “but that worked out well because earlier on the lhe low tide would have made it difficult to launch the canoes.”

The ship had book 40 rides, but they ended up ;taking 46 people on on the lagoon. “The rides were quite short, about 20 minutes, but everyone seemed to have a great time. Our guys did such a good job with the visitors, keeping them safe and helping them on and off the boats.” A number of passengers took their big cameras with them. “I couldn’t believe it,” Tamie said. “I asked one guy if he was sure and he told me it was worth the risk to get the shots.

“Louis said to me at the end that ‘this was the best part of our trip to the island. If we ever come again, you’ll be at the top of our list.'”

Footnote: This article first appeared in the Marshall Islands Journal on December 4, 2015. To see more news from the Journal, check out their site at